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L-SHOP-TEAM Your Partner for Textiles and More!

L-SHOP-TEAM is Germany's biggest B2B textile wholesaler for promotional, leisure and work clothing.

We unite leading international textile brands under one roof and supply our items arranged in just the way our customers need them for their various orders.

With more than 120 international brands - in some cases we are the exclusive wholesale distributor - and over 6,400 items (as of 2022) we offer a vast assortment of products with an above average brand diversity. Our modern warehouse and logistics systems ensure a high level of product availability with full, fast and punctual delivery for our customers at all times. We see ourselves as an all-round wholesale supplier of a wide range of textiles, augmented by accessories and other peripheral assortments.

With sales support provided by our large Customer Service team, in addition to a great variety of Online Service Offers , our customers enjoy a high level of competence in service and support both personally and online!

Meanwhile L-SHOP-TEAM is active in 12 countries and has grown into an international L-SHOP-TEAM group.

  • > 6.400 items

  • > 120 brands

  • > 190 employees

  • 11 subsidiaries

  • Over 40 year success story

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Our History

2022 Move to Unna

After just under 1 year of construction, L-SHOP-TEAM moves into the new administration building in the MLP Logistics Park Unna in September. The warehouse move follows from January 2023.

Further Expansion:

Since June 2022, our Italian customers have been served via an Italian webshop with personal service in their native language.


2021 Ceremonial laying of the foundation stone in Unna

Next milestone for new company headquarters: L-SHOP-TEAM celebrates laying of foundation stone at MLP Logistics Park Unna.

40 years of L-SHOP-TEAM

L-SHOP-TEAM GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary. On 15 March 1981, the success story of what is now Germany's largest textile wholesaler for the promotional, leisure and professional sectors began.


L-SHOP-TEAM Denmark ApS has been awarded the Børsen Gazelle Award 2021. This award is given to the fastest growing companies in Denmark.


2020 Management:

Since 1 November 2020, Björn Emmerich and Andrea Herrmann, children of the company founders, have been part of the management of L-SHOP-TEAM. Together with Stefan Schenk, who has been running the business for many years, they will henceforth manage the company.

Further Expansion:

Establishment of L-SHOP-TEAM France.


2019 Future Plans:

L-SHOP-TEAM has signed a contract for the leasing of a new building in Unna with a total space of 108,000 square metres. The planned relocation of the company headquarters from Dortmund to Unna is thus now fixed for 2022/23.

Further Expansion:

Establishment of L-SHOP-TEAM in Norway.



The company's first in-house exhibition takes place at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum. The exhibition is planned to take place every two years.


2011-2016 Expansion in Europe:

The markets in Poland (2011), Austria (2012), Switzerland (2014), The Czech Republic (2014), The Netherlands (2015), Belgium (2015), Denmark (2015) and Sweden (2016) are now being served from Dortmund through their own individual company headquarters, with customers being supported in their own language.

2014 Management:

Armin Emmerich leaves the company, but like his co-founder Holger Jolitz, he remains closely associated with the company in an advisory capacity. The company is now managed by Stefan Schenk and Jörg Bittorf.


The shares of the founders Armin Emmerich and Holger Jolitz are transferred to Björn Emmerich, Andrea Herrmann (nee Jolitz) and Kristin Rademacher (nee Jolitz).

2012 Logistics Modernised:

The logistics centre is now semi-automated, thanks to the installation of a modern AutoStore system.

New member of the management team:

Jörg Bittorf, the company's commercial manager since 2010, is appointed senior manager.


2011 Unification:

The administrative headquarters, formerly located at the port of Dortmund, are now moved to the site of the logistics centre in the centre of Dortmund.


The company's in-house printing shop is closed down. From now on, activities will focus on the textile wholesale business.


2010 Management:

For the first time in the company's history, Armin Emmerich is joined in the management team by new recruits, Stefan Schenk and Markus Weber.


L-SHOP-TEAM is awarded the Dortmund Business Award 2010.

2009 Management:

Holger Jolitz, one of the two original founders, withdraws from executive duties. As a shareholder, he remains associated with the company in an advisory capacity.

2007-2009 Own Logistics Centre:

A logistics centre for textiles is established in the centre of Dortmund. The first section of the building is completed in January 2008, followed by the second building phase in January 2009.


2004 New Focus - Textile Wholesale: 

The company now focuses on textiles. The textile printing shop is turned into a service department. Its core business concerns the wholesale distribution of unprinted products. An additional warehouse is put into operation.


2003 Online Shop:

Publication of the industry's first online shop.


2000 Range Expansion - Textiles:

The company now supplies textiles in addition to non-textile promotional articles


From 1988 onwards Expansion:

Further industrial buildings in the Franziusstrasse are put into use. The first textile printing machine becomes operational. Over the coming years, expansion will continue with increased strength.

1986 Rapid Growth:

The company moves into a large space in the Kipperstrasse in the port area of Dortmund.

1985 First Operating Premises:

The first company premises takes up its operations in Dortmund Eichlinghofen, and a number of machines are purchased. The foundations are now laid for the company's path towards becoming a manufacturer and dealer of promotional items.

1981 The Beginnings:

The company's founders Armin Emmerich and Holger Jolitz have the simple idea of printing and producing buttons and car stickers at home in the cellar.



With a total of over 190 employees at our headquarters in Unna and eleven other locations across Europe, we have grown into an international L-SHOP-TEAM Group.

We stand for openness and team spirit. We offer our customers a reliable and fair service. Being easy to contact, we can develop good relations with our customers, along with an understanding of their needs, which in turn allows us to provide solution-oriented support.

We see ourselves as a team, because that is the best way that we, together with our employees, business partners and suppliers, can get things done and make a difference!