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General Terms and Conditions of Sale


1. General

  1. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise in writing between you and L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. (hereinafter referred to as 'the Parties'), the general terms and conditions of sale and delivery discussed below (hereinafter referred to as 'the General Terms and Conditions') shall apply to all offers and quotations made by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. and to all agreements concluded with L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. concerning the sale, offer for sale, order and/or delivery of its services and/or products.

    The application of your possible own general terms and conditions is expressly excluded, unless such deviating terms and conditions would have been expressly accepted by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. in writing. If, upon your acceptance of an offer made by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A., reservations or modifications in relation to the offer are made, the agreement shall only come into effect after L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. has notified you in writing that it agrees to these deviations.

    The General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply irrespective of whether the aforementioned offers, quotations and/or agreements were concluded following access to and use of the website developed and made accessible by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. [] (hereinafter "the Website") and/or the webshop forming part thereof (hereinafter "the Webshop") (hereinafter together "the Applications").
  2. You expressly accept that the terms and conditions below shall apply in full and unconditionally as soon as you indicate (by placing an order) that you wish to use the Applications to purchase services and/or products from L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.

    As you are professionally active in textiles, you cannot be considered as a consumer under the legislation on market practices and E-commerce. This Agreement therefore explicitly deviates from the provisions of Book VI and Articles XII.6, § 1, 8°; XII.7, § 1; XII.8 and XII.9 of the Economic Law Code.

2. Identity of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM N.V.

  1. The identifying details of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM N.V. are:
    • Kortrijksesteenweg 62
    • 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
    • VAT no. BE 0430.893.596
    • E-mail :
    • Tel. Nr.: +32(09)3862362
    For any question about L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM N.V., please send L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM N.V. an e-mail at:

3. Amendments to the General Conditions and applicability of other conditions

  1. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. reserves the right to amend or supplement the General Conditions at any time. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. will notify you of the amended version when sending the next invoice subject to the new terms and conditions. If you do not accept the amendment or supplement made, you must notify L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. in writing within 14 calendar days of the notification of the amendment or supplement, failing which you shall be deemed to have agreed to the amendment or supplement.

    Amendments or adjustments to special and deviating agreements between the Parties shall only be effective when agreed in writing and by both Parties.
  2. Furthermore, by accessing and, if applicable, using the Applications, you also expressly accept the Terms of Use, the Privacy Statement and the Cookie Policy in their entirety.

4. Offers and formation of agreements

  1. All offers and quotations by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. on the Applications are without obligation. Illustrations and descriptions of items in documents published, sent or handed over by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. or via its Applications are purely indicative and not binding with regard to the execution of the items actually to be delivered. If an offer of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. contains a deadline for acceptance, this implies that the non-binding offer shall in any event lapse after the expiry of that deadline.
  2. The sales agreement between the Parties is concluded after you have accepted the price offer and/or agreement by placing an order (whether or not via the Applications) and L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. has confirmed the sale by e-mail in an invoice. You accept that your (digital) order is equivalent to (i) a handwritten signature of the offer and/or invoice and (ii) an explicit reaffirmation of the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.

    When you place your order, the price is immediately calculated on the Applications. All prices indicated on the Application are in principle in Euro, per item and exclusive of VAT. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. reserves the right to change prices at any time and to correct any input errors on its Applications. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. is bound by the price indicated on its Applications following its written acceptance of your order in the invoice. At the latest before sending an order, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. may choose, at your request or on its own initiative, to offer you a summary of the prices including VAT and transport costs on its Applications, without being obliged to do so. The prices of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. included in the offer and/or invoice are subject to increase depending on the modification of one or more price-determining factors, including - but not limited to - changed economic, fiscal and social conditions, wage costs, freight rates, purchase prices, prices of materials and parts or exchange rates. When L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM N.V. exercises this right to price revision, it shall inform you of this in writing as soon as possible.

5. Terms of payment - non-performance

  1. You will receive invoices exclusively in digital format. If you ask L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. to send you the invoices (also) by post, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. reserves the right to charge a fee for this. If you require L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. to book or register an invoice in a system designated by you, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. reserves the right to charge you a fee for this.
  2. The invoices of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. are payable 30 days after the invoice date. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment shall always be made by transfer to a bank account indicated by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM.
  3. Under no circumstances shall the agreement of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. to a method of payment (e.g. by bill of exchange or cheque) other than that customarily used by the parties result in the renewal of the debt or the inapplicability of these General Terms and Conditions. If applicable, the discount and collection costs of accepted bills of exchange are always at your expense.
  4. In the event of late payment, you are legally in default without prior notice. In the event of late payment, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. shall automatically be entitled to charge interest on arrears equal to 10% / these applicable pursuant to the Law of 2.08.2002 on combating late payment in commercial transactions, from the day after the due date of the invoice until full payment of the invoice. Furthermore, in the event of (full or partial) late payment, or in the event of any other contractual default on your part, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. shall be entitled ipso jure, in addition to the principal sum and interest on arrears, to claim damages equal to 10% of the principal sum, with a minimum of €100, in addition to any legal costs. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. is entitled to allocate all payments made to it first to the interest and damages owed by you and then to the oldest outstanding invoice, irrespective of any indication to the contrary.

    If the Parties agree in writing that you pay by cheque, any cheque that is refused at the time of its collection by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. shall give rise, ipso jure and without prior notice, to a fixed allowance of €18.00 in favour of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. Each unpaid and expired bill of exchange shall give rise, ipso jure and without prior notice, to a compensation of €65.00 in favour of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.
  5. The total or partial non-payment on its due date of a single invoice makes the due balance of all your other outstanding invoices, even those not yet due, immediately payable. In this case, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. reserves the right to claim compensation equal to the amount due. In case L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. can prove a higher actual damage, it also has the right to claim such higher compensation.

    Also in the event of bankruptcy, judicial liquidation or voluntary decision to de facto cease or liquidate your company, all invoices of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. shall become immediately and fully due and payable and L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. reserves the right to claim damages.

6. Delivery

  1. The delivery dates set by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. are not binding but merely provide guidance. A delay in delivery does not entitle you to cancel the order or to claim damages or interest. In the event of a manifest delay in delivery, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. must always be declared to be in default in writing and be allowed a reasonable period to fulfil its obligations.

    Upon delivery, you must accept the delivery notes. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. reserves the right to ask you to digitally sign the delivery note upon delivery, if necessary on the device of the appointee of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.. You expressly accept that a digital signature is equivalent to your written signature on a document. The signing of the delivery note on the device of the representative of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. also implies the unconditional acceptance of the delivery notes affixed to the boxes and/or parcels delivered by the agent of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. Delivery notes which you would present yourself are only valid after explicit and written acceptance by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A..
  2. Upon delivery, you must immediately check the delivered goods thoroughly. You are deemed to have received the products from L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. in good condition. Once the goods mentioned on the invoice have been delivered, you shall bear all risks of loss and destruction in this respect.

    Moreover, the goods are always transported exclusively at your risk. Even the fact that the delivery is carriage paid or that L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. gives specific instructions to the carrier shall not affect this.
  3. You do not have the right to return the goods delivered by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A., unless L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. grants you its express and written consent, and you return the goods in question, if applicable, in accordance with the procedure determined by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.

    In any event, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. will only take back goods which you have purchased from L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. and which L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. is still offering to its customers at the time of return (and which have therefore not been discontinued, liquidated or replaced by a new product). Moreover, the aforementioned goods must still be in their original state and packaging, without having been subjected to any processing (including printing, coating, personalisation, etc.). L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. reserves the right to refuse returns at any time if the return conditions have not been met.

    Under no circumstances will L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. accept goods that you do not return within a period of 8 weeks from the day following the date of delivery.

    L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. excludes the following returns : shirts, blouses removed from their factory packaging, underwear & socks, film & finishing films, yarns, printing and stitching accessories, Brook Tavener brand materials without no original packaging or original hangers, processed, soiled or scented goods.

    The return of the goods is entirely at your expense. After inspection, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. will issue a credit note in the amount of the goods delivered, less a minimum of -25% of the value of the goods, as compensation for processing costs. Under no circumstances shall L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.'s acceptance of the return of the goods give you any right to compensation.
  4. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. has the right to suspend (further) delivery of its products, its services and/or access to the Webshop as soon as it has not received a payment owed by you. Only from the date on which the payment is received later will the delivery, the services and/or the access be made available again. In this case, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. has the right to claim a lump sum of at least 50 euros from you for the administrative costs involved, without prejudice to L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.'s right to claim a higher fee if it proves that the actual administrative costs are higher.

7. Retention of title - access

  1. As long as you have not paid the price in full, all goods mentioned on the unpaid invoice remain the property of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A., even if these goods have been processed in any way by you, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. and/or any third party. "Price" here means the principal sum, costs of transport and packaging, VAT payable by you and any other taxes or duties payable by you, as well as interest and damages payable by you to L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.. You shall inform any owner of your business premises as well as any third party wishing to take security or seize the aforementioned items, that these items are (still) the property of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.. As long as the retention of title applies, you are only a user of the items. Notwithstanding the above, if applicable, you shall continue to bear the risk and liability relating to the items from the time of delivery until the time they are taken back by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A..
  2. Should the goods still belonging to L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. be the subject of an attachment at your expense or on your premises, you must immediately warn L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. by registered letter or e-mail, stating the identity of the person levying the attachment. You shall similarly notify L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. of any claims by third parties on the aforementioned goods. Where appropriate, you shall inform the distraining party or other third parties of the exclusive property right of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.. You shall thereby reimburse L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. for all costs it has had to incur to protect and enforce its property rights to the goods.
  3. As soon as it is reasonably established that you will not (be able to) pay the outstanding amounts, you shall be obliged to give L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM N.V. the opportunity to take back the items that are the subject of the sale within [14 calendar days] at the latest.

8. Liability of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.

  1. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. shall not be liable for damage relating in any way to the marketing (including the sale) and/or delivery of its services and/or products, which you and/or your appointees suffer for any reason whatsoever, including any shortcoming, negligence, fault or serious error on the part of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A, one of its employees or suppliers, except if the damage is the result of fraud on the part of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. or its employees. In addition, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM N.V. excludes all liability for any damage resulting from incorrect use of the items by you, your employees and/or third parties.

    Likewise, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. shall under no circumstances (even in the event of fraud on the part of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. or its employees) be liable, contractually or extra-contractually, for indirect damage, including (non-exhaustively) trading losses, consequential damage, standstill damage, economic losses, loss of profits, loss of savings, loss of customers, loss of contracts, loss of income, loss of time, loss of goodwill and loss of reputation.
  2. In any event, the liability of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. for defects in the items delivered shall be limited to the repair, free of charge, of a defect in the item, or its replacement or that of a part of it with a product of the same value, at the discretion of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. A defect is understood to mean a state or characteristic of the item as a result of which the item cannot provide you with the enjoyment that you could expect when entering into the contract. In any case, the repair or replacement free of charge (at the discretion of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.) of a defective product shall only take place if the defect occurs in more than five (5) per cent of the number of products purchased, and any product that has been processed, by you or a third party, shall not be replaced.

    Under no circumstances shall defects in the items delivered give rise to the payment of any monetary compensation by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A..
  3. In view of the nature of the products supplied by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. and their production in large quantities, deviations in dimensions, shades, colors and finishing [carried out at your request] as well as operations carried out by you or by a third party may in no way be considered a defect in a delivered item. The aforementioned deviations and adaptations are always unconditionally and explicitly accepted by you as from their occurrence.

9. Complaints and notifications

  1. Parties are deemed to elect domicile at their respective registered offices. All notifications between Parties shall be sent to the registered office of the Parties.
  2. In accordance with article 6.2, the goods must be thoroughly inspected immediately upon delivery. Any complaints, in order to be validly accepted, must be submitted in writing within eight (8) calendar days to L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. by registered letter or e-mail, accompanied by a precise and reasoned statement of the complaint. This applies both with regard to the items delivered by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. and with regard to invoices. The aforementioned period shall commence upon receipt of the items and invoices respectively.
  3. Any right available to you shall lapse if you have not notified L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. in writing within the aforementioned period in accordance with article 9.2 and also if you have not given L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. the opportunity to examine the complaints, if necessary on the spot, as to their justification. Thus, in these cases, the goods delivered shall always be considered as having been definitively accepted by you and no further complaint can be accepted.
  4. Possible complaints shall not entitle you to suspend the fulfilment of your payment obligations towards L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. Furthermore, you are not entitled to suspend your contractual obligations if you have already failed to fulfil your own obligations.

10. Termination of the agreement

  1. Without prejudice to its right to claim enforced performance together with compensation for damages, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. has the right to terminate the sales agreement(s) without notice or to suspend its execution (i) in case of bankruptcy, judicial liquidation or voluntary decision to de facto stop or liquidate your company or (ii) if you are guilty of a serious contractual breach which has not been remedied within 8 days following the receipt of a registered letter of formal notice regarding the breach. The non-payment of one or more invoices on their due date will always be considered a serious contractual default.

    In this case, you will owe L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. a fixed and non-reducible compensation amounting to 20% of the total amount of the orders that were in progress for you at the time of the termination of the agreement.
  2. Upon termination of the agreement, the customer shall pay all services rendered and goods delivered by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A., as well as the costs incurred by L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. as a result of this termination. In any event, any advance paid shall remain vested in L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A..

11. Varia

  1. L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM N.V. is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations arising from the General Conditions, as well as the ownership of its goods, to a third party. In the event of such transfer, L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. shall notify you in writing. You are not entitled to transfer your contractual rights and obligations to a third party except with the express prior written consent of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.. Even in the event of assignment with the approval of L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A., any subsequent assignor and you shall remain jointly and severally bound to fulfil the obligations included in the agreement with L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A.
  2. Force majeure situations such as, for example, strikes, public unrest, administrative measures and other unexpected events over which L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A. has no control, shall release L-SHOP-TEAM BELGIUM S.A., for the duration of the nuisance and for their scope, from its obligations, without you being entitled to any price reduction or compensation.
  3. If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is null and void, the other provisions shall remain in full force and the Parties shall replace the void provision by another provision which approximates its purpose and scope as closely as possible.

12. Applicable law and competent court

  1. The relations between the Parties shall be governed exclusively by Belgian law.
  2. Any dispute regarding the conclusion or execution of an agreement between the Parties shall be finally settled by arbitration, by the Belgian Arbitration Institute, in accordance with its operating rules, which can be obtained free of charge from B.A.I., Lieven Bauwensstraat 20, 8200 Bruges (tel. 050 32 35 95). This clause prevails over any contrary clause.

Any legal disputes shall be submitted exclusively to the competent courts in Ghent (Ghent division).